What is Adam’s Polishes Ceramic Coating?

An Adam’s Polishes ceramic coating is a liquid polymer that is applied to the surface of your vehicle. Adam’s offers many types of coatings for different materials on a vehicle but today we are focusing primarily on our paint coating. The coating chemically bonds to your vehicles paint surface to create a layer of protection on top of the clear coat. A common misconception we often hear is that a ceramic coating can prevent rock chips and major scratches to your vehicle. That statement is false. A ceramic coating helps prevent swirls, scratches, protection from UV rays, bird droppings and other various contaminants.

adam's polishes ceramic coating

What does a ceramic coating do?

One of the most exciting features of having an Adam’s Polishes ceramic coating on your vehicle is the hydrophobic properties. If you’re not familiar with the term “hydrophobic” it simply means to repel water. Your paint will literally shed water! It’s a sight you must see. We love walking out to our vehicles after a rain or during the washing process and seeing thousands of tiny beads of water. Maintaining and cleaning your vehicle will be much easier with the added layer of protection from the ceramic coating.

Some other benefits of having your vehicle ceramic coated include:

  • Protection against harmful UV rays
  • Helps prevent chemical stains and etching
  • Enhances gloss
  • Vehicle is much easier to maintain and keep clean
adam's polishes ceramic coating

How is a ceramic coating applied?

Prep, prep, and more prep. The actual coating application isn’t too difficult of a process if you’re comfortable with detailing your vehicle and have basic knowledge about detailing. Most of the labor involved is correcting and perfecting the paint. If you were to look at your paint on a microscopic level, you would see many imperfections in the paints surface. These imperfections need to be leveled out in order for the ceramic coating to work properly while creating a mirror like finish.

Once the paint has been corrected, the ceramic coating can be applied. Our Adam’s Polishes Paint Coating Kit comes with everything you need to ceramic coat your vehicle. Use the Adam’s Polishes Surface Prep to remove any residue or oils left on the surface from polishing. Now the coating can be applied!

When applying the ceramic coating, we recommend using a cross hatch method to make sure the paint is evenly covered during the application process. Once the coating has sat on the paint for a few minutes it will begin to flash or “rainbow”. Simply buff away the coating with a microfiber towel.

adam's polishes ceramic spray coating