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Adam's Car Shampoo vs Ultra Foam vs Mega Foam vs Wash & Wax - Adam's Underground

Adam’s Polishes Shampoo Comparisons

Today we wanted to give you an in depth break down of each Adam’s Polishes Shampoo. No matter what your detailing experience may be, when a new product comes out you want to know everything about it. In this article, we will tell you what application each product is best used for. The products we will be comparing are Adam’s Car Shampoo, Mega Foam, Ultra Foam and Wash & Wax.

Adam's Ultra Foam Shampoo

Adam’s Car Shampoo

Adam’s Car Shampoo is a pH neutral, blend of lubricants, and surfactants to increase the effectiveness of your washing experience. As this product is pH neutral, it will not remove wax, sealants, or degrade a ceramic coating. This product safely & effectively removes dirt, debris, pollen, and other contaminants. Other car wash soaps on the market can be harmful to your exterior vehicle surfaces but the Adam’s Car Shampoo is safe on all surfaces and will not dry out your plastic and rubber.

Adam’s Car Shampoo can be used in full sun and is safe on all surfaces including glass, headlights, plastic, paint, raw aluminum, and matte finishes. This product, like our Ultra Foam Shampoo, is different from any other soap on the market as it not only provides a thick, clinging foam to the surface but also is pH neutral and can be dried completely from the sun during your wash and be rinsed clean without streaks.

  • Wildberry Scent
  • pH neutral
  • Washes away spot free
  • Made in the USA
Adams Car Shampoo

Adam’s Wash & Wax

Adam’s Wash & Wax is a pH neutral product that doesn’t break down any wax or ceramic coatings you may already have on your vehicle. Special polymers add a just-waxed, high gloss finish that cleans and protects in between full details. This product can be used as an everyday wash shampoo or you can interchange it out with Adam’s Car Shampoo for a little extra shine and protection.

  • High suds formula safely removes dirt and other contaminants
  • Special polymers add a just-waxed, high gloss finish
  • Does not strip any other Adam’s wax or sealant products
  • Rinses clean without streaks
  • Peach Scent

Adam’s Mega Foam

Adam’s Mega Foam can be used in your regular wash routine. Since it is pH neutral it will not add or take away any protection (wax, sealant, ceramic coating) that are currently on your vehicle. We like to use Adam’s Mega Foam on vehicles that are extremely dirty to help take away an initial layer of dirt and debris before we even touch the paint during the wash process.

We recommend using Adams Mega Foam with a pressure washer and Foam Cannon attachment for the most suds. This product can be used with Adams Foam Gun that attaches to your garden hose but it will not produce as many suds.

  • Highly concentrated shampoo for maximum suds
  • pH neutral formula
  • Juicy Fruit Fragrance
Adams Mega Foam

Adam’s Ultra Foam

Adam’s Ultra Foam can be used in your wash buckets, Foam Gun or Foam Cannon. It produces 10x the amount of suds that Car Shampoo produces. When comparing Ultra Foam to Mega Foam, Mega Foam is a highly concentrated formula that produces a lot of suds and is best used in a Foam Cannon. Ultra Foam is more versatile. It can be used in almsot any application like we mentioned before while creating more suds to lubricate your vehicles surface. More lubrication = less scratches!

  • 10x The Suds of A Standard Soap
  • Does Not Remove Existing Protection
  • Concentrated, pH Neutral Formula
  • Wildberry Fragrance
  • Made In The USA
Adam's Ultra Foam Car Shampoo

We hope that this information has helped you when deciding what type of Adam’s cleaning products to use on your vehicle. Each product has their own unique advantage over the other. Whatever your current detailing situation is really determines what product would best suit your application.

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