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Adams Foam Cannon - Produce thick suds to help reduce scratches

Adams Foam Cannon – Thick suds made easy

Adams Foam Cannon is our go to product when detailing vehicles here at Adam’s Underground. The Foam Cannon will hold up to 1 liter of water / product which is enough to detail a full sized vehicle.

  • Produces thick, lubricating, foam
  • 1 Liter / 33.81 oz. bottle capacity
  • Use 2-5 oz. of your favorite Adam’s Polishes product for best results
  • Requires pressure washer with quick connect attachment
  • Can be paired with snub nose pressure washer attachment
  • Adams Foam Cannon must be connected to a pressure washer with a minimum flow of 1.3 GPM and 870 PSI.

We love it because it produces super thick foam when paired with Adams Mega Foam shampoo. You can use it with any of your favorite Adam’s Polishes detail products such as: Adams Car Shampoo, Ultra Foam, Wash & Wax, Wash & Coat and even Strip Wash.

How it works

First you should fill your bottle with water and your favorite Adam’s Polishes shampoo. The pressure washer pushes high pressure water through the spray gun and is mixed with the soap / water mixture inside the bottle. The soap mixture is agitated by the strainer to create thick or fine suds based on your preference. The adjustable air intake valave controls the amount of soap mixture is drawn from the bottle. The nozzle is also adjustable allowing you to create a super wide spray pattern or a powerful jetstream pattern.

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