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Adams Mega Foam - Produce insane amounts of suds, pH neutral

Adams Mega Foam – pH neutral car shampoo that produces MEGA suds

Adam’s Mega Foam can be used in your regular wash routine. Since it is pH neutral it will not add or take away any protection (wax, sealant, ceramic coating) that are currently on your vehicle. We recommend using Adams Mega Foam with a pressure washer and Foam Cannon attachment for the most suds. This product can be used with Adams Foam Gun that attaches to your garden hose but it will not produce as many suds.

  • Highly concentrated shampoo for maximum suds
  • pH neutral formula
  • Juicy Fruit Fragrance

Why do more suds matter?

Like we said earlier, Adams Mega Foam is a heavily concentrated formula that provides the highest amount of suds and foam. This allows the user, like yourself, to use less product while cleaning your vehicle. On average, 1-2 ounces of Mega Foam will create enough suds to cover an entire vehicle.

By creating lots of suds, they provide a thick layer of lubrication that sits between your wash mitt and paint. This ultra-slick foam significantly removes unwanted or left behind dirt or grime. The foam also traps dirt and reduces the chance of the harmful particles from moving from areas of your vehicle that attract a lot of dirt and debris. When dirt moves from one part of your car to another, it increases the risk of scratching your paints finish. This product safely removes dirt, debris, pollen, and other contaminants, and will not dry out plastic and rubber.

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