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Adam’s Ceramic Spray Coating | How To Use

Adam’s Polishes offers several different forms of ceramic coatings. Adam’s Ceramic Spray Coating is one of the easiest and most versatile coating applications to use. It can be used on several different surfaces such as paint, glass, exterior trim and wheels. The Adam’s Ceramic Spray Coating combines enriched gloss, extreme hydrophobic properties, and effects of a ceramic coating with the application of a spray and wipe product.

  • Easiest Spray Ceramic Coating to use on the market
  • Add 6 – 8 months of protection
  • Quick curing time ( 2 – 4 hours)
  • Safe on all painted surfaces, glass, headlights, soft tops, chrome, trim, wheels and even bed liners.

Follow the steps below to learn how to use this prodcut on your vehicle!

What you will need to get started:

adam's polishes ceramic spray coating

The Process | Adam’s Underground

Our subject for this process was Jaron’s 2015 Mustang GT. Jaron is very active in the Mustang community and owns Mustang Fan Club. He has also been a long time advocate for the Adam’s Polishes brand!

The first step in the coating process is to thoroughly wash your vehicle. This will get rid of most of the surface debris that may be on your paint. An optional step would include using Strip Wash to remove any wax or polish that may be on the vehicle. After a thorough wash has been completed it is recommended to do atleast a fine grade clay bar on the painted exterior surfaces. This will further remove any contaminants on the paints surface.

**Depending on the condition of your vehicles paint, a paint correction may be needed. In order for the coating to work properly, it needs a de-contaminated surface to adhere to.

adam's polishes mega foam

Now that your vehicle has been thorougly washed and clayed, it’s time to bring your vehicle into an indoor location to begin the ceramic coating process. When your vehicle doesn’t have any wax on the surface water should lay flat like you see in the image below.

The Ceramic Coating Process | Adam’s Underground

The first step for the coating process is to use Surface Prep. The Surface Prep is used to remove any oils or residue that may be on the paints surface. Once you have wiped the vehicle down using Surface Prep now we can apply the ceramic coating!

adam's polishes surface prep

Take your grey microfiber applicator pad and spray the ceramic coating onto the pad. Apply the coating to one section of your vehicle at a time in a cross-hatch motion. Cross hatching is applying the coating in a horizontal pattern and then a vertical pattern to make sure you get even coverage on each section.

Allow the coating to flash “rainbow” for a couple of minutes and then take your single soft microfiber towl and buff away the coating. Repeat this process on each panel of your vehicle until the entire vehicle has been coated.

adam's polishes ceramic spray coating
adam's polishes ceramic spray coating

Allow your vehicle to cure for up to 4 hours without touching the outside elements. You may want to have a set of sunglasses handy because the intense gloss this product produces may be intense for people with sensitive eyes. #ShineTherapy

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