2014 ROUSH Stage 3 Paint Correction and Adam’s Pro Ceramic Coating

We recently had the opportunity to bring our client’s 2014 ROUSH Stage 3 back to life! Black vehicles are always hard to maintain and difficult to keep clean. Although the ROUSH had just under 4,500 miles on the odometer, the paint wasn’t in the best of shape. We applied our Adam’s Pro Ceramic Coating which has a 2-3 year lifespan and can be reported on your vehicle’s CarFax report. Follow along as we take you through the process of what our Adam’s Pro Ceramic Coating will do for your vehicle.

Every Adam’s Pro Ceramic Coating we apply includes an exterior wash, paint decontamination (clay bar / strip wash / Iron Remover) and 1-step paint correction. 80% of a ceramic coatings outcome is in the prep work. It is very important that the surface is free of contaminants and imperfections to allow the coating to bond with the vehicles clear coat.

In the images below, you can see what the condition of the Mustangs paint was after we washed and clay barred the paint.

All exterior trim and decals were taped off to ensure that the compound / polishing chemicals didn’t get on them and cause damage or create a chalky white build-up that we all dislike to look at.

For us to achieve the mirror-like finish, we had to perform two steps of correction on this ROUSH Stage 3. The first step was what we call the cut or compound step. We used the Adam’s Polishes One-Step Pad and Adam’s Polishes Compound for the initial cut.

The One-Step Pad and Compound is semi-aggressive so it leaves behind micro-marring and a slight haze on the vehicle’s paint. This is where our second step of the two-step process comes in. For the second step, we used the Adam’s Polishes White Polishing Pad and Polish to remove the micro-marring and haze created by the Compound.

Below you can see images of what the Mustang’s paint looked like after the Compound (left) and what it looked like after we used the Polish (right).

After the paint was corrected, we began the prep process for the Adam’s Pro Ceramic Coating. The process consists of us using an alcohol-based product called Surface Prep. Adam’s Surface Prep removes any oils or leftover chemicals on the paint surface. Once all the surfaces have been prepped, we began the coating process.

We even ceramic coated the matte black decals to give them a rich black look again and they’ll be protected against harmful UV rays. On the image below, the left side of the decal was coated and the right side was untouched.

Adams ceramic coating

Check out the final results! The ceramic coating will help protect the ROUSH Stage 3 for years to come and make cleaning it a breeze. Once your vehicle is coated you can use Ceramic Boost or the new CS3 as a coating topper for added protection over the years.

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