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Cleaning your wheels and tires with Adam's Polishes - Adam's Underground

How to clean your wheels and tires with Adam’s Polishes | Adam’s Underground

The wheels and tires are one part of a vehicle that attracts the most dirt and build up no matter what the climate is outside. On top of that, you have pesky brake dust that builds up over time. Luckily, we have broken down the process and products you need to make cleaning your wheels a breeze.

The products Adam’s Underground uses to clean wheels in most instances:

** If you have aftermarket wheels or wheels that have been anodized / powder coated, we recommend using Eco Wheel Cleaner to protect your wheels finish.

adam's polishes wheel cleaner

The Process | Adam’s Underground

Before cleaning your wheels and tires, make sure your wheels and brakes are cool to the touch. Begin by rinsing your wheels thoroughly to remove any large debris off of the surface of your wheels and tires. Take your wheel cleaner and liberally spray it on the wheel faces, wheel barrels and brake calipers. If there are a lot of iron contaminants on the wheels surface you will see the cleaner starting to turn purple.

The Ford Mustang we cleaned for this demo has ceramic brake pads. The brake dust was minimal and didn’t contain a lot of iron contamination on the wheels.

Now it’s time to show those tires some love. Take your Tire & Rubber Cleaner and spray it evenly on your tires. While you’re spraying your tires, take a look at your fenders. If they are dirty, go ahead and spray them also with the Adam’s Tire & Rubber Cleaner.

Depending on how dirty your wheels and tires are, you should let the product sit for a few minutes to break down all of the contaminants. Take the Hard Bristle Tire Brush and start scrubbing your tires. If you need a little extra cleaning power, spray some Tire and Rubber Cleaner into your brush.

Grab your Barrel Brush(s) and begin cleaning up those wheel barrels and faces. With this particle vehicle, it has a large 6-piston front brakes so the Large Barrel Brush wouldn’t fit between the caliper and wheel barrel. Instead of moving the vehicle forward to reach this area, we grabbed the Small Barrel Brush and it fit perfectly.

Take the Lug Nut and Trim brush and clean your lug nuts and lug nut holes thorougly. Now it’s time to take care of the full face of the wheels. Using the Soft Bristle Wheel Brush clean the faces and spokes of your wheels. ** If you sprayed your fender liners earlier with the Tire & Rubber Cleaner, now is the time to scrub them with the Fender Liner Brush.

Now that everything has been thoroughly cleaned it’s time to rinse all the dirt and brake dust away.

An extra step would be to apply your favorite Tire Shine and Undercarriage Spray if you own a SUV or truck.

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