Best practices to maintain a ceramic coating with Adam’s Polishes

A lot of our customers ask us how to maintain a ceramic coating after their car has been coated. We are always talking about the ceramic coatings we apply here in Concord, NC but today we wanted to put together some information regarding maintaining ceramic coatings. Once your vehicle has been ceramic coated, there are several practices you can implement to keep your coating looking glossy and remain hydrophobic.

Adams ceramic coating

Use pH balanced and/or Si02 infused products to clean & maintain your ceramic coating

One of the biggest problems people run into when maintaining their ceramic coated car is not using the correct products and chemicals when washing. We have several Adam’s Polishes products that work with ceramic coated vehicles to ensure there is no degradation of the coating. Adam’s Polishes Wash + Coat is a pH balanced soap designed specifically for ceramic coated vehicles. It will add protection, shine and enhance your coating. For best use, pair Adam’s Wash + Coat with a Foam Gun or Foam Cannon.

Adam’s offers some other products such as Ceramic Boost, CS3 and Ceramic Waterless Wash that can be used to refresh your ceramic coating between washes or after washes.

adam's polishes wash and coat

Wash your car often to prevent the build-up of dirt and debris

One of our main selling points for a ceramic coating is how easy it is to clean your vehicle after the coating has been applied. Depending on how often and how dirty your vehicle gets at a bare minimum we suggest washing your vehicle every other week to prevent the build-up of contaminants that could degrade the ceramic coating.

Make sure to utilize the 2-bucket wash method along with proper washing materials such as a wool wash pad and drying towel.

Adams Mega Foam

Use proper washing methods while washing your ceramic coated vehicle

We mentioned the 2-bucket washing method previously, for a detailed video on how to properly wash your vehicle using the 2-bucket wash method, click or tap HERE.

Aside from the 2-bucket wash method, the most effective way to clean your ceramic coated vehicle is to use a pressure washer and foam cannon. In most instances, you can get away with foaming down your vehicle and rinsing it off if the dirt build-up isn’t too much. If you have a lot of dirt build-up, we suggest foaming your vehicle down with Ultra Foam or Mega Foam. Rinsing your vehicle and then washing your vehicle to get rid of dirt build-up before touching your vehicle.

How to maintain ceramic coatings and recharge it with Si02 infused products from Adam’s Polishes

  • Adam’s CS3 was designed to effortlessly deliver a clean, finished surface, generate a ridiculous amount of shine, and protect using the latest in silica resin technologies. This silica-infused waterless wash formulation delivers a gentle, safe, and effective means of cutting through dirt, dust, grease, and grime while remaining absolutely streak-free each and every time.
  • Adam’s Ceramic Boost is a cutting-edge, ceramic-infused product that complements ceramic coated vehicles, adding an even slicker surface, more gloss, and prolongs the life of the ceramic coating. This product is used after you’ve thoroughly washed your vehicle and applied as a top coat.
adam's polishes ceramic boost

Thank you for checking out our article on how to maintain ceramic coatings. We hope you learned something that you can apply to your washing methods to ensure your ceramic coated vehicle stays glossy! If you’re interested in getting a free quote on your vehicle, please click the “FREE QUOTE” button below.

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