K40 Radar Detection System offers you protection from speeding tickets

K40 Electronics builds its radar systems, radar detectors and laser diffusers with drivers in mind. They have been keeping drivers ticket free since 1981. K40 even offers a Speeding Ticket Guarantee! If you receive a speeding ticket during your first year of ownership, they will pay for the speeding ticket. K40’s radar systems are built to be simple to use, discreet, and customizable for real-world experiences. They can be installed on any vehicle with endless customization options.

We are happy to announce that Adam’s Underground is now a K40 dealer and installer! Now we can protect your vehicle from the elements with our ceramic coatings, road debris with LLumar Paint Protection Film and speeding tickets with K40 Radar Systems.

K40 Electronics RL360di Radar System and Laser Defuser Optix installed on an Audi RS5!

The K40 Radar System is a custom-installed radar detection system that retains the OEM look of your vehicle and can be customized to suit your driving style. We recently installed the RL360Di Radar Detection System and K40 Laser Defuser Optix Laser Jammers. The RL360Di includes:

  • Front Radar Receiver
  • Rear Radar Receiver
  • GPS Module
  • Interior Host Module
  • Wireless Remote Control

The front and rear radar receivers are hidden within the front and rear bumpers to detect radar signals from radar guns.

We also installed (3) K40 Laser Defuser Optix in the front grille to jam radar / laser gun signals while maintaining an OEM exterior appearance. The K40 Laser Defuser Optix (LDO) has an ultra-compact footprint, can be updated easily to keep up with laser gun technology, and provides a wide area of coverage for maximum protection. Can you spot the laser jammers in the front grille?

We were able to install the warning LED’s in the turn signal indicators to keep the interior looking OEM. The left turn signal indicator will flash if you’re being hit with a radar gun from the front of your vehicle and the right turn signal is for the rear of your vehicle. These warning LED’s can be mounted in several different locations based on your preferences.

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